Which Lens for My E30? 12-60 SWD or 14-54 Mk II???

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Re: Which Lens for My E30? 12-60 SWD or 14-54 Mk II???

Do you currently own anything other than the 50mm? Or plan on doing so? That might also modify your decision.

I had an E330 with the 14-54 (Mk1) , 70-300, and 7-14 (found used). So in my case, when I bought an E30 upgrade I could have just kept the same lens stable, but I opted to sell off my 14-54 Mk 1 and bought a Mk 2, because I wanted the contrast-detect AF more than the SWD. Plus having the 70-300 meant the extra at the long end wasn't important (esp at slightly smaller aperture than the 14-54 offers), and ditto owning the 7-14 to cover the wide.

I'm hardly anyone you should be taking advice from though...I have all the gear and no clue still. But on the bright side, your thread allowed me to award another checkmark for my "Ignore User" collection!! (Not you )
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