60d - Full Frame Rebel Style ?

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Re: 60d - Full Frame Rebel Style ?

martin brech wrote:

and now apsc are good enough for amateur and enthusiast, they don't need a FF.

Absolutely! Except you don't go far enough. Aps-c is good enough for working pros, too (David Ziser, America's most famous wedding photog, uses the 7D for his pro work, to name but one).

When 35mm was introduced, it was derisively called, "miniature photograhy," to point out that it was insufficient for pro work. Decades later, film and lens quality made it usable for editorial work, and by the end of the 1960's, it was completely recognized as pro grade.

Aps-c is going through the same process of rejetion/acceptance. It's already passed the point where it's clearly up to pro standards, but many people just can't let go of FF (I suspect largely due to nostalgia).

Today, the only real reason to choose FF over aps-c is if you need/want shallower DOF. Period. End of story.

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