Problem transfering large files from camera

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Re: Problem transfering large files from camera

Raven45 wrote:

Pete2010 wrote:

Raven45 wrote:

Always best to use a card reader; for the above reasons but primarily to reduce wear and tear on the camera.

Why would I worry about wear and tear on a compact point and shoot camera? I have yet to have a camera (or any other device) having problems because of plugging a cable into it too many times. Taking out the memory card should give just as much wear and tear.

Not in a position to say what you worry about or not. Just saying it's my observation that most people I'm aware of use a card reader. Mileage may vary.

Well now that I think about it, I guess card readers are pretty common now too. Often build in on laptops/netbooks and probably likely to be available in a netcafe.

I have tried on other computers with same result. If it's canons fault or what I am not sure. I guess I'll live with it.

But I don't worry about wear though. It's just a point and shoot, for carrying around without doing anything proffesional.

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