Why EVIL or MILC, I vote for SLV

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Why EVIL or MILC, I vote for SLV

I really don't like current abbreviations Evil and Milc so here is my thought.
Why not call m4/3 and other mirrorless cameras -
SLV (Single Lens View camera) and here is why:

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex which means that both picture-taking and viewfinding happening thru that one single lens. (unlike Twin lens cameras like Rolleiflex, or most current digicams that use optical finders, for composing.)

m4/3 and other mirrorless cameras use this same principal of picture taking and composing shots. There is only one way to compose, focus and take your picture and that is thru the lens attached the the body, thus abbreviation "SL" should stay.

Now lets talk about "R", which stands for Reflex (the mirror reflecting light through the prism to the focusing screen, etc...) Now that part is gone, so why call it Mirror-less? Why not Prism-less or focusing-screen-less? Why call what camera doesn't have, why not simply say what it does have, like Direct View, Live view, Sensor View or maybe just plain old View .

There are similarity in how m4/3 cameras and old View (large format, Graflex) cameras function. The only difference is that on View cameras you look thru ground glass on the back of the camera and on m4/3 you look at the LCD. (or viewfinder if desired). Also whats funny is that to achieve the correct focus in critical situations on Large format cameras users used magnifying glass, similarly m4/3 users use digital magnification to achieve the same.
So on View cameras we have: glass, shutter, focal plane (film) and ground glass.
On m4/3 cameras we have: glass, shutter, focal plane (sensor) and LCD.

Here is why I believe EVIL and MILC etc are not such a good ideas.

I don't think IL? (interchangeable lens) should be in category. Both names SLR and Rangefinder refer to the way you look thru camera and focus. Both SLR and Rangefinder cameras interchange lenses, but neither mention it in the name, so why change that. SLR is synonymous to Inter lenses, and so will be SLV.
EVF - is an accessory and should not be in the name of the camera.

So to summarize:

1. SLV - sounds very similar to SLR and even uneducated consumer will know that we are talking about high quality camera with interchangeable lenses, etc...

2. EVIL - EV is an accessory and IL was not mentioned in SLR or Rangefinder.

3. Mirrorless - why bring up what camera does not have (why not Prism-less?)

4. SL - Single Lens is true to its origin so why change.

5. SL"V" - View is similar to View cameras (sensor and LCD replaced Ground glass)

After all, SLR replaced View cameras when they placed the mirror in between the lens and focal plane, hence the Reflex name evolved. Now take away the mirror and prism and you have the View camera back with single lens for composing and picture-taking, sounds pretty simple.

Any thought? arguments? ideas?

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