Will faster cards make any difference in a G1 ?

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Re: Which brands are considered good?

MtnBikerCalif wrote:

I was lucky enough to get some 8GB SanDisk Extreme III's at a good price a while back for our P&Ss, but I'm going on a 2 month trip and will need some more cards. (My G2 arrives today. I'll probably shoot RAW+JPEG. And the G2 is replacing a 5MB K-M A1).

The "premium" brands would be Lexar and SanDisk (though premium referes mostly to the amount of cash you will have to hand over for their products). Other renowed brands would be Transcend, Kingston, Crucial, Verbatim, Panasonic, probably others, too.

Personally I'd buy (in that order) Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, SanDisk depending on where I get the best deal.

I have some time to watch for good prices. I haven't figured out how much storage I'll need; I'm waiting to confirm how much space RAW+JPEG will use

RAW and Fine JPEG will take about 18-20MB per shot.

How much video, for example?

Video really depends. MJPEG takes between 2 and 3.5 MB/s for me.

I've taken that Lexar and SanDisk are near the top, but not sure about the others. I've had one or two cards go bad over the years (my A1 was purchased in 2004 and used CompactFlash), but I think only SD cards when bad.

All serious vendors are supplying a lifetime warranty. However that does not help when a card goes bad which is something that should always be accounted for!

Backup early, backup often helps tremendously. I'd buy a card copier with harddrive (or use a laptop and external drive) and not overwrite the cards until the pictures are safe and sound at home. During my least trip to Switzerland I shot around 4GB per day which resolved to around 2GB keepers.

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