DMC-G2 vs DMC-GH1 Differences (other than price)

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Naveed Akhtar
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Re: DMC-G2 vs DMC-GH1 Differences (other than price)

Jonathan Lane wrote:

I have compared the cameras side-by-side and I can find little to differentiate these cameras other than nearly double the price. Can anyone tell me what the differences are?

800$ G2 - 1200$ GH1 = 400$ difference

is not bad considering the upgrade on exceptional 14-140 lens alone.

I owned two GH1 for different lenses, though sold one later but am still very happy with GH1. Its an amazing tiny flagship camera. Lenses for 4/3 sensor are also excellent, though they are limited. I have tried and tested 14-140 and is no doubt the best wide angle I used and 20mm prime is amazing on its own league.

Sorry am sending you on my challenge entries, but I haven't uploaded my galleries as yet. You are not obliged to vote for me, if you don't want, its just a reference for excellent Pany 7-14mm f4 lens performance even on Olympus Pen without any distortion or CA correction.

G2 got touch screen one small advantage but I am not sure, where I would really need it, for me AF system in GH1/G1 are good enough, and can't see to upgrade only on the basis of touch AF, though its a good thing to play if you really like it this way.

GH1 also got stereo sound recording over others. G2 sensor disadvantage am not 100% sure, until we see the tests on dpReview. But even if its same on ISO performance, I would still prefer GH1 sensor multi-aspect ratios option.

I am only upgrading my camera on successor to GH1, full-stop!

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