Problem transfering large files from camera

Started Jun 2, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Pete2010 New Member • Posts: 4
Problem transfering large files from camera

I have a Canon Ixus 120 / SD 940 IS.

I have no problem transfering pictures and shot videos from the camera to the computer. However I have problems with large video files. I don't know what the cut-off is, but I could transfer an 800 mb file with no problem, but not a 1.4 GB file.

I can copy the file if I use the utility CameraWindow from canon, but it's not very smart for that to be required.

  • I've tried to copy it as a file, dragging from folder (camera) to folder (on computer). It never starts copying. It's just stuck saying transferring without ever starting.

  • I've tried using windows own copying system for this. It says right away that it cannot copy the file.

  • I've tried Google Picasa, which also says right away that it cannot copy the file.

I know I can just use a card reader, but that is not a solution, only a work-around. I should be able to copy the files to any computer no matter where I cam.

I've googled and found several people with the same problem on various canon cameras, but no solutions.

Unfortunately it there doesn't seem to be any settings for transfer mode on the camera, so I can't set it to UMS to see if that would help.

Canon support were absolutely useless in helping me (I got an answer about windows media player not being able to play MOV, despite I had mentioned absolutely nothing about playback of the video!!!).

Anyone experienced this, and know a solution besides just using a card reader?

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