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Re: Sue Nikon

Gabriele Sartori wrote:

Nikon need a class action LS. Last week I got a letter from
Mercedes Benz. My wife car is the SUV ML320.

A customer of Mercedes didn’t trust the flex service provided by
Mercedes, where basically they never let you do the service since
it should be free. He decided to go at Wal-Mart, bought some
regular oil and changed the oil himself.

After a while the car starts to leak eventually he had to change
all the pistons. He sued Mercedes and now Mercedes is extending the
warranty from 4 years to 10 years and the mileage from 50000 to
150000 as a part of the settlement.

This is what Nikon needs. They haven’t been in US enough probably
but they like the US money these B@$t@rd.

I’ve the name of this legal firm that did the entire lawsuit to
Mercedes and made a few million $ out of it. I think they will be
happy to know about Nikon, so if we put the petition on the web
site and we write to this “nice people” they may take care of our
problem and I think will be contingency base no cost for us

What do you think? I think is time to do it.

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Gabriele Sartori

What do you want to sue Nikon for and I'm not talking money.

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