D700 Issues and Observations

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old thread resurrected ....

I also recently switched from Canon (1DMkIII). I'm not interested in the 5D2. A superb AF system is very important. Don't give us a 21mp FF sensor with a dump AF system. 5D2 is a failure.

While I'm quite satisfied with the d700, if we need to criticise, I think the shutter noise is a bit loud and the NX2 is not free. 8 - 12mp sensor size is optimum for most of the shooting scenarios. May be I'm not a pro, I don't need 21-24mp. Last but not least, I hate adding video into my DSLR.

xdaflame wrote:

He's had a year and a half to decide whether the D700 is right for him. (Old thread resurrected.)

The exposure bracketing might allow 1/3 stops now with a recent firmware update. (I only remember it fixing auto ISO to 1/3 stops, because I rarely bracket.)

The color reproduction is a user error -- get an ExpoDisc to set white balance by choosing PRE WB mode, and holding down WB button for 2 seconds to calibrate it, or if you're willing to post-process RAW images, look up UniWB (search forums).

I find Nikon button placement more ergonomic than Canon. Personal preference.

Shutter responsiveness and overall speed is better with the D700 than with the 5dii.

Like the OP, I gave up on Canon and the 5dii, switching to the Nikon D700 and D3s. No regrets.

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