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Re: Anyone heard of or owned an Olympus C-211

Hey Frank.

The only criteria I have in buying an older Olympus digcam is it must be able to accept the 128mb Smartmedia card. I've seen the D620L many times on Ebay and some are in fantastic condition and they look cool (something out a 1950's Sci-Fi Movie LOL) but from what I hear, they can't accept any memory card higher than 16mb. Maybe Olympus had some firmware way back when and they were able to larger sized cards. I had one buyer on Ebay who purchased one of my C-2100 and even though the counter went up 257, it stopped shooting at half that rate, maybe Olympus offered firmware on that model as well once the 128mb was introduced after the camera was introduced. Now if I could out how to reach Phil to make this topic a separate forum.

Frank LoPriore wrote:

I seemed to remember that camera. I had to google it to be sure. There was a review from Imaging Resource. They felt it was a good 2meg digital with a poloroid option. They are still listed on Amazon from $37. But, if the poloroid film is no longer available, it's just a collectible. I used to collect what older Oly"s I could find. I had a D500 (.8 meg, body only) that I picked up when Nobody Beats The Wiz went under. Paid about $23 after 75% off. That led me to pick up a D620L (1.3meg?) on Ebay for $60. They were both in near new condition. They were the first digitals with a TTL optical view finder for less than $20k. I did miss that with my first point&shoots. The D500 was almost unusable without the serial cable, but the 620 was fun. I traded them both for a D40 a few years back.
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Love to buy and sell classic old digital cameras, the 2000 model Olympus C-2100UZ can't be beat.
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