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Re: Okay. I'll say it.

Who said I am a "non-professional"? Just not in food photography.

Big Pixels first post in this thread was;

I'm sorry but whatever you read or understand about food lighting is wrong. Most of these with back lighting look dead frontally, have ackward shadows thrust forward.

We were then shown an example of how it should be done, which few liked as much as the OP's, which caused BP to throw a tantrum.

FYI. His images may be saleable and tick all of the right boxes, but because he was so abrasive and displayed a fairly obnoxious attitude, I have no problems in saying again that I prefer the OP's and that they are indeed perfectly saleable in their own right.

Being a pro just means that it provides your income.

It does not mean to say that you are always right, nor that an "amateurs" work is not allowed be better, or that you somehow have more talent.

It certainly doesn't give someone the right to be so critical of everyone else, but it does seem to be the default setting here for a few who call themselves "Pro's"

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