Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

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Re: Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

Nick Savoiu wrote:

GordonBGood wrote:

Question at large: do some samples of the K20D also sometimes show these vertical strips when push processed as described here? Running your camera in Live View mode and thus heating the sensor is likely to make the problem worse, as it would increase the presence of hot photosites, as would longer exposure times up to the point where Dark Frame Subtraction (DFS) cuts in. I see that these images were taken at a one second exposure but the MakerNotes tag has been stripped from the EXIF information and I can't see the sensor temperature (PhotoMe - ).

Gordon, I think I see some in this file:

Nick, I see a faint vertical band toward the left side of the image when boosted many many stops that is typical of this problem, but the band is fainter than the typical K20D cross hatch pattern, which is fainter than the Border Tinging problem that the RBC program tries to address. I wonder if the vertical dark band might get worse if the image were taken from Live View at say about 1/10 second rather than at the 1/1000 second that this example was taken? If it gets no worse than as you have posted here, your camera doesn't have much of a problem, as I have seen much worse from other K20D samples.

To other posts to which I have not yet replied:

A/ I had not planned to publish the source code for this program; on the other hand I have taken no particular steps to protect it as is is not "Obfuscated" and can be readily read using the Red Gate Reflector program.

B/ To Rosember, Zaldidun, and other Mac/Linux users, the currently available versions do have quite a few problems under those platforms although version can be made to work using the GUI and not drag and drop. I think most of those problems are fixed in the version I am testing in which I am trying to incorporate all fixes and suggestions.

C/ TO THOSE WHO PERSIST IN "TAGGING" AND NOT BOOKMARKING, that is why Phil Askey, the author of this website, added the thread/message bookmarking facility to these forums or alternatively you could bookmark a thread/message using your Internet browser. It is conceivable that the most brilliant thread posted in the world could be followed up by 149 different people filling the thread by "tagging" so that no one else can ever make any comments nor can the author of the thread ever add anything to what was originally posted without starting another thread and linking back to the original one.

It was my intention with this thread to leave enough room to be able to post the K20D RBC version links and explanation with a little bit of room left for users comments, but as there are only two or three posts left, that is likely impossible. I will likely have to post the new version, when it is finally finished, either to the current newly opened thread on the same subject or open a new thread making the announcement and link it back to here.

Regards, GordonBGood

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