raw from HS10 explored (what really that see without any software)

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Re: raw from HS10 explored (what really that see without any software)

And.... here i am again reporting the evolution of HS10RAF2PPM (in case you didn't read my previous post, yes, i know of dcraw support for HS10)

And here are my results compared to dcraw and OOC JPEG:

As one can see i added lots of new stuff to the application

Maybe the most interesting is the FFT Luminance extractor... theoretically should create artifact-less (well chroma/color artifacts are obviously not appearing as it is a grey scale image) images (in the image above is not gamma corrected for 2.2, but you get a good idea). The main draw back? Time. ... it performs a Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT), applies a filter on it, and inverts FFT... the result is the pictured image. This will be used later to interpolate color channels or extract and interpolate chroma from bayer mosaic.

Please note the FFT also takes LOTS of memory... around 300MB of free ram are needed...

In my opinion DCRaw AHD interpolation is quite good, AHD is like an enhancement of Kimmel interpolation with corrections (my kimmel implementation - w/o corrections - is VERY slow)...

Have fun

Source and binaries:

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