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How about 1997 1/4 MP

In early February 1997 I purchased the Sony Mavica for $700. I couldn't believe the quality and convenience of this 1/4 (640X480) megapixel camera. The pictures were stored (up to 30images) on cheap floppy disks which avoided expensive film. You could view on a computer and e-mail your pictures! The camera had a 10X zoom! I thought this camera was a great investment which would last many years.


I then bought the great Olympus 2040 with the yet unsurpassed s superbrite f/1.8 lens. This camera had an astonishing 2 megapixels and the images were sharp and detailed. I couldn't then imagine the need or desire for more megapixels. I could print sharp 8X10 if I wanted to but I seldom did.


Needless to say, several cameras followed each with more megapixels, except for the 6 mp Fuji 6000fd which, in my opinion, is yet unsurpassed in P&S image quality.

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