Re: DxO Labs suggests shortcomings of Adobe's Lens Profile Creator

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Re: DxO Labs suggests shortcomings of Adobe's Lens Profile Creator

Been playing with some harsh light NEF shots against the sun again, comparing DxO 5.3, LR3b2 and ViewNX.

No surprise, harsh light is not a strong point of NX converters; also the access to in-camera settings does not help much when heavy adjustments are needed.

DxO has some edge regarding being able to make use of the most input DR without killing all contrast (when one wants to bring out shadow detail as much as possible). And I think its output is clearly the best in pixel-peeping terms, the automatic corrections are working well. Though I believe "lens softness" has an issue with blurred parts of images (it seems to selectively sharpen based on lens profile alone, but sharpening of out-of-focus areas is counterproductive, makes them look busy).

I'm new to LR. I tried the temporarily manual CA corrections, they somehow don't seem as efficient. It is interesting how the image controls in LR are "decoupled", for example the fill-light does not affect shadows at all (unlike other converters). Its recovery slider is something badly lacking in DxO. The main thing I was interested in was the option of localised adjustments, including exposure (lacking in CNX2 U-point). However, in practice (well, three sample images) I was a bit disappointed. In none of the three images the software grad ND filter would be useful due to the configuration, well the brush option remained... but I wasn't able to tone down highlights in reflections the way I imagined it would work (I think I saw a PS demo where this was easily done with the dodge tool set to highlights only... any advice???).

Finally, I think the overall colours are a bit of a roullete. With all them presets and sliders there are so many different looks available - but none can be natural due to the output DR squeezing and heavy adjustments involved. Mostly it is possible to get to a certain look with different converters - it takes a lot of experience and tweaking though, and it is never exactly the same.

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