Capture One 5 vs Lightroom 2/3

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once it is set up ... it just works :)

lol, yep ...

Remember this is a OLD workaround that has been used since the beginning of the LR beta pre v1.

But, once you have it set up ... it just works. and works for all kinds of stuff.

Say even downloads of JPGs from the web.

Just make that your destination ... and then bang ... it is automantically in LR.
AND, you know where to find it.

Once you, start importing this way ... there is all kinds of things people used to do with it.


deednets wrote:

WOW, now that is a detailed response! Thansk so much for the explanation regarding the auto.import. Sounds to me like a wee workable workaround??

Have been using Capture One exclusively over hte last 4 weeks, where of course there is no such issue!

Pros & cons with all software, the usual story, but for ME Capture One is years ahead of the competition in terms of natural conversion. Just my opinion!


Hawaii-geek wrote:
you can "Auto" import , Quickly for Fast review and import ...
This was a "tips & Tricks" way back when LR was beta ... pre v1.

It "was" (now we have a export choice to group with the original folder with the DNG) also a way to ... Export a JPG and have it make a round trip into LR.

Auto import "was" the Fastest way to Import images you used with "Other" tether software.

  • forgot the LINK for the tip ... but, here is the general idea:

1) Create a SEPARATE ... AUTO Import IN (Watched Folder) , AND a AUTO Import OUT Folder ( LR Folder that is IMPORTED , and you can see in LR )

  • fyi: I put these two folders on my separate DATA drive ... along with my LR Library files ( I like to have it on a separate drive ... so when I do my ANNUAL re-format HD and re-install the OS thing ... the DATA is all separate , and I don't have to look for it.

2) ALL you now need to do is have LR "watch" this "AUTO Import IN" folder ... and import anything that is there (you can also have pre-sets or no pre-sets apply to it)

3) Now set the "AUTO Import OUT" folder as the Output folder

4) Now with a JPG in the AUTO Import OUT folder ... Just import this ONE(1) file ... and you will have "this" Folder on your imported Folders LIST ...

  • TIP: try to name or Organize the way you do this Folder so it FALLS at the END of your LR FOLDERS LIST ... you will thank me latter.

Now, from now on ... ANYTHING that you drop into the Watched folder ... Automatically gets imported ... and magically appears into this folder that is already LISTED in LR.

Now , you can Quickly Edit it in LR (File) ... OR more importantly ... MOVE it to another LR folder if nessasary.

fyi: .... almost Everything, that is not from my shoots on a CF ... I import into LR this way.
I only need to drag the files into my watched folder ...
Then I deal with the File management ... within LR.

  • I have even created a "Shortcut" on my desktop of this folder .. so you can can just drag and drop files there to import into LR !

but, don't get me started with the somewhat weak File management in LR ... but, with each version ... it is getting better. (and does more types of files)

and I am even talking better accross a Network.

Thank you,

deednets wrote:

I know that LR uses a database, but would still find it useful, IF you could just open a file, NOT!!!!!! import it into any database and just convert it as a temporary thing ... as delightful as the photo of a wireless mouse my 12 year old wants to sell on ebay (NZ equivalent: TradeMe) might be, I would have loved to just use this once, then forget .. NOT import pompous, pompous... into LR first ...

Robert Peters wrote:

deednets wrote:

Played for 10 min or so with LR and found I could NOT get the same blues out of the original. I have used LR 2 for the last 2 years and like the workflow too, APART!!!!! from the need to "import" photos into the same location????

Given that you have been using LR 2 for 2 years, then you already know why you must import each image: Lightroom uses a database to keep track of images and changes.

But nevertheless liked LR!

I tried to replicate the kelvin settings from Capture to LR and that didn*t work the gliders have completely different results and you cannot go by percentage.

I doubt that any 2 NEF converters will arrive at the same temperature/tint settings for a given file. All those converters have their own recipes to generating a viewable image.

True ... but in my efforts to "mimic" the other converter; I went through same slider settings and got ridiculously different results! I kind of expected that, becaue the algorithms are different, but wanted to replicate the results. Interesting playing field though!


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Eyes of Hawaii, Largest non-profit Photography club in Hawaii :

Please feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and edit any of my photos & re-post, to help show me 'the way'. * I am trying to Elevate the Level of my 'Snap Shots'

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