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Re: Back To Older Digicam Fasination Chat (3MP or Less)

I'm glad your liking this thread It looks like I was late to digital photography compared to most of you (2004) although my first digcam was a Sony Mavica pocket size camera that used a floppy disk the size of a Wheat Thin and had a charging deck and was less than 1mp and stored 25 pictures with 15 seconds of sound each and 50 without. It was fun for $299 (heavily discounted) and I could only view pictures on my TV and could not print any.I worked for a Fuji film lab from 1999-2003 and even with a company discount, I didn't feel the need to abandon my trusty Canon F-1 35mm for a Fuji 2600 2mp camera. I look back now (during my film days) and ask myself how often I made ANY any prints larger 8x10 or went to a custom lab to do close cropping (very very little) almost all my prints were 4X6 or 5x7 if they were special.

Today you can get 4 mp or fewer cameras for almost nothing on eBay (including memory) a classic like the Olympus C-2100 might set you back about $150 or a little more but it's still a bargain IMHO.

Do you think we'll see the day when film will go the way of LPs and 8 track tapes?

Frank LoPriore wrote:

This is a good thread Barry, I have enjoyed it. I hope you and yours are doing fine down there in Dallas.

Yes, thanks Barry. I missed this thread the first time around, Glad you started it up again. A welcome change from "whats next".
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Love to buy and sell classic old digital cameras, the 2000 model Olympus C-2100UZ can't be beat.
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