when G-mail's dowm - what 2 do ?

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Re: when G-mail's dowm - what 2 do ?

Stan-o-Stan wrote:

not complaining...

just asking what people do when they can't access their e-mail account

Hi Stan the Man!

As I stated, in all the years of using gmail (regularly daily and left online) have only ever once, a few years ago, had gmail (rather, google) unavailable for about 2 hours.

Other than that - no downs in service at all, so I still reckon your problem lies with your own internet service provider, not gmail.

On a practical level, I also have a hotmail.com account that I use when registering products - and of course for general use, to ensure my main Inbox (gmail) never gets all the crap that goes into the hotmail account. If you created a hotmail account, then you could always use that for any emergency mailings.

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