D90 nikon 18-200mm pictures dim

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Re: D90 nikon 18-200mm pictures dim

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I took out my nikon 18-200mmvr lens. I haven't used it in awhile so no big deal I took it to a wonderful event at Disney but when I back home I notice the pictures are kind of dark and a friend confirmed it. I always shoot in raw so manage to get some exposure back but you can do so much before losing detail. Its kind of amaturish to leave in in program mode but I didn't feel like messing with the camera too much. It was quite a bright day out until the afteroon when clouds moved in. I had my D90 in P and used no other filter than the clear one a usually do. Someone told me to use exposure compensation next time but I didn't mess with it before when using the lens in other times. If someone has any other tips I'll be thankful.

1) Exposure depends on the lens more than most are aware of.

2) With D90 and 18-200VR I think shooting without using exposure compensation mostly won't work in any harsh light (bright day etc). The meter tends to expose for the midtones, blowing the highlights. One has to use EC and watch the RGB histogram. If you have to do without it, and you shoot NEF, use ADL on auto, because it makes up to a stop of underexposure in harsh light, reducing the chance of blowing raw data (but at the same time ADL makes the histogram lie).

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