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Re: kx ltd edition pricing

Tan68 wrote:

should be able to get bacon with your beans for 90

there is a shade of blue i like. as far as i know, only navy is available in the US. and, navy isn't the shade i like.

i don't care for logos on clothes and will not buy clothes sporting logos. for things that have logos and there is no option of logo-less stuff to buy, i opt for the least garish.

i would buy the color because it amuses me and not to be stylish (so to speak).
i am not sure i would pay the premium...

but, i would like to have the option for my blue. as you have the option for your olive :^)

same Blue I'm interested in. But Pentax wants $650 for it with the kit lens. You can get the black with 18-55 and 55-300 for jsut under $700. The white was $650 at the start so in time I'll be a buyer. But by then they will have a blacklight model....

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