Back To Older Digicam Fasination Chat (3MP or Less)

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Re: Back To Older Digicam Fasination Chat (3MP or Less)

I haven't bought a new camera for several years and at my age (75) , I do not need any more cameras that I already have.I bought a Panasonic FZ1 (2mp) when they were released and still love to use it occasionally. Then I bought a new Panny FZ5 (5mp) in mid 2005 and still use it infrequently. I later bought a used Panny FX01 (6mp) and still use it as a carry camera. In the last couple of years I picked up a refurbed Fuji F20 (6MP) and still use it for indoors events. I also have an F20 that has been converted to IR only. During the last couple of years I bought a couple more used Fujis, a S5200 and a S6000fd. I love them both.

I have decided that 5 or 6mp is very adequate for my photography...Sometimes I think I might sell one or two of my old cameras but I have not seen anything newer i would rather have.

This is a good thread Barry, I have enjoyed it. I hope you and yours are doing fine down there in Dallas.

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