Back To Older Digicam Fasination Chat (3MP or Less)

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Re: Back To Older Digicam Fasination Chat (3MP or Less)

I just got out my Pentax Optio 230, my first digicam, to take some pics of my 2005 Kodak V530.
The 2 Megapix 230 still takes great quality pics.

It works off of two AA batteries and even has a swivel display so you can take pictures of yourself and see yourself in the screen!

The camera was the smallest of its kind back in 2003, but now almost looks like a clunker compared to today's compacts.

It takes CF cards for memory. It certainly can be used as a backup camera.

And anything above 2 Megpix for me is really a waste, as I never print over 4x6".

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