Using DCRAW to get TIFF out of HS10 RAF

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Using DCRAW to get TIFF out of HS10 RAF

On one of the threads about processing HS10 RAF files, there was a mention that the open source application, DCRAW, now supports HS10 raw files in version 9.0.

DCRAW is a command-line application, intended for use on Linux systems, but there is a Windows version. (See the first question in the FAQ section).

So I downloaded it and converted a RAF file to TIFF, then opened it up in Photoshop and played with it a bit. This is the result.

I haven't done any any comparisons of how the RAF conversion from DCRAW compares to that of Silkypix. I'll leave that to others here who have far more experience in such things than I do.

DCRAW has all sorts of image adjustment options, which are invoked from the command line. If you're not comfortable with the command prompt, there are other programs that have a GUI front end for DCRAW - the most sophisticated one I've seen so far is UIFRAW, at:

However, it hasn't yet been updated to use DCRAW 9.0, so it won't work with HS10 files (I think). Since the source code is available for both programs, I suppose you could build an HS10-compatible version yourself, but I think I'll wait for the author to do it (I'm a technical writer, not a programmer!)

Anyway, for those of you looking for an alternative to Silkypix, it looks like you now have one, assuming that you've got a graphics editor that'll handle TIFF. (And if you don't, you can always download the GIMP).

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