Amusing customer requests

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Amusing customer requests

I must confess I enjoy reading threads describing the interaction between photographers and clients. Wedding photographers seem to have the best encounters.

So forgive me if I can't resist passing on the following email exchange:

Customer: "We purchased two photos from you a couple years back (receipt enclosed); I am now trying to print a bigger picture from the photo, but the scan quality isn't good enough. I would like to know if you still have the image on you computer, perhaps you can email me the original image. I think printing from the original photograph might have a better result."

The customer thoughtfully attached a scan of their receipt. At the bottom of the receipt, in normal sized font, was the following:

All photos are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or distributed in any way with the exception of high resolution images for non commercial use.

My reply: "Did you happen to read the copyright notice on the bottom of your receipt?

I am sure you would understand that if customers freely duplicated my work it would be very difficult to keep my business going, and of course this is what copyright laws are designed to protect.

If you would like to order additional prints or high resolution files (which do allow for unlimited non commercial use), please visit my web site."

I strongly feel that customers should be treated with respect and courtesy, and I hope that is reflected in my reply. It did occur to me that the customer may actually believe that copying an image they have purchased is perfectly acceptable, so I did feel it was appropriate to bring up copyright issue in the hope that it might prevent future copying.

Not surprisingly, I have not heard back from this customer.

However, I would like to hear if you have any amusing customer stories to tell?

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