Back To Older Digicam Fasination Chat (3MP or Less)

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Re: Back To Older Digicam Fasination Chat (3MP or Less)

Nice portrait Design, I spoke with a woman who traded the same model Panasonic you have with a newer 12mp Kodak and has regretted her decision ever since. Call me old fashion (I'm only 54 years old ) but the majority of the prints I make are 4X6 and rarely over 8X10. I enjoy putting my photos in a albums like I used to do with film cameras. So for me,having an ISO on a camera that goes no higher than 400 coupled with a fast 1.8 lens (Olympus C2040) and getting a custom white balance setting is enough for me. I also like the way older cameras grip in your hands and still having an optical viewfinder to go along with an LCD which is hard to see in bright light.

Love to buy and sell classic old digital cameras, the 2000 model Olympus C-2100UZ can't be beat.
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