Need help with D90 settings

Started May 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
jpdenk Contributing Member • Posts: 819
Re: Need help with D90 settings

I've only had my D90 for a few weeks, but so far, my experience has been the opposite of yours. I'm amazed at how often the D90 nails everything, although I am not shooting in auto-mode. I usually shoot in aperture priority or sometimes manual mode. Coming from using a D70 for 6 years before buying the D90, I find that I am doing significantly less post-processing now with the D90.

With the D70, I pretty much have to shoot NEF's to get all the image quality that the camera can yield, but with the D90, I'm getting some excellent in-camera JPG's, so I may only shoot NEF's when I'm facing trickier lighting situations with the D90.


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