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OP Barry Nelson Senior Member • Posts: 1,666
Olympus C-2040,Great Older Camera

Hey All,

Been awhile since anyone has added to this topic but in the last 30 days I have purchased two Olympus C2040 cameras for $40 total,both were in mint condition and each came in a nice case and plenty of Smartmedia memory cards. I was shocked how effective the F 1.8 lens is on this camera even though it's only 2.1MP

Gotten some nice low light shots (without flash) with it and for macro it's great if don't crop much and don't make prints larger than 8 X 10. I think at $20 each, I would rather have these than a new no-name 10mp camera that would cost me around $80.00. I would love to hear from others who are still using this classic.

Love to buy and sell classic old digital cameras, the 2000 model Olympus C-2100UZ can't be beat.
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