My Dilemma "1000 D, 500 D or 550 D" - For my 8 year old son ???

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Re: My Dilemma "1000 D, 500 D or 550 D" - For my 8 year old son ???

CarloSalt wrote:

Strange thread this. Cant say I followed it all, so I apologise if I have missed the point.

Maybe its different in India. In europe 8 year olds dont tend to play with expensive SLR cameras. They play with their friends or with a Football. Team hobbies/Interests are invaluable for later life. I would say get a basic point and shoot and spend the money saved on going to the funfair. As parents we often try to lead our children down the same interests as us, but from experience I have found it doesnt work.

May sound a bit to the point but its probably what many are thinking.


I recall reading in the Pentax forum that someone, in USA I think, wanted a pink KX for his 5 yr old. now that really IS treating a tool as a toy (but then maybe Pentax asked for it!)

And with all the social networking sites, what well dressed 10-20 yr old would go out without his or her camera to the next photoshoot, er, I mean, party? pennyanne

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