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Re: Panasonic Image Quality

I have a FZ30 and probably will for some time.

Pana makes great cameras but they do have some important limitations that probably could have been addressed but for whatever reason were not. This doesn't apply to the GH cameras.

The following limitations are most evident when comparing the output to a dSLR in less than optimal conditions. Unfortunately, it is often that these "less than optimal" conditions that produce the most interesting photos.

Limitation 1: The dynamic range of small sensor cams are barely adequate. Most noticable when shooting landscapes where the sky is blown or the ground is noisy and lacking detail. Any high contrast shot may also have this problem. Careful shooting can minimize this and HDR or panostiching can eliminate it but it is a big hassle.

Limitation 2: Small sensor cams are far from optimal in low light. Low light means almost anything shot indoors and and dusk. In bright light pana cameras shoot very well. Yes you can use a flash but a flash introduces a whole new set of serious limitations and associated PP work. The lack of a usable high ISO is the problem as shutter times get long and subjects move. A sensor that could produce a very clean image in low light at ISO800 without much noise reduction would probably be sufficient for most situations.

To deal with this I shoot raw for the most part and use Pixmantec Rawshooter and noise reduction software BUT you can't fix whats not there and the same in true for in camera noise reduction. Shooting raw is also a pain but the flexibility is worth it.

PS. Don't tell me to buy a dSLR ...... I don't want one.

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