Not sure what Olympus meant by E-P2 and E-PL1 at the same time

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Re: Two different markets

chekist wrote:

So basically you agree there the differences are in marketing?

Once again, I read in review after review that E-P2 will please experienced users and E-PL1 is economy model for P&S shooters. I consider myself somewhat experienced user and I do not see that much difference. Both cameras are usable and neither is comparable mid range DSLR (like D300).

Wireless flash at the same time is critical for many types of photography. In fact for photography is 90% about lighting. People get crazy with diffusers, but diffusers add very little versatility compare to off camera flash.

Frankly I'm baffled by its omission from the E-P2 as well. One would think that this is just a matter of software (though obviously you'd need a gun of some sort mounted, even the lowly FL-14 should be adequate), and the software is clearly already out there.

That said, I have a wireless capable flash gun for my Sony stuff, and I've only used it a few times. I don't own multiple wireless guns, so all I really gain from it is the ability to relocate a single light source; that's at times useful, but bounce is usually adequate if not preferable. I've mainly only used it for macro work (I don't have a legit macro light, and this lets me hold the gun such that its path to the subject isn't obstructed by the lens).

Honestly, I think shutter speed is more relevant to real world usage. The E-P2's shutter is already slow (I frequently have to stop down the 20mm and/or go to ISO 100 land where dynamic range sucks) and anything slower would probably necessity an ND filter. This isn't an issue for the kit lens, but it is with faster glass.

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