Night picture with K-7

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Re: Night picture with K-7

Hi. Nice compositions, but I'm surprised at the setting you (or your camera) chose. There's really no need to use f/11 or f/22. Those settings give you great depth of field (foreground and background in focus) but these shots don't have a foreground so you could open the lens up to f/5.6. That would let you use a lower ISO and reduce the graininess.

In the first shot, you could use the same shutter speed with the camera on the rock, but your ISO would go down two notches (because from f/11 to f/5.6 is two stops) from ISO1000 to ISO250, which would yield a massive improvement in quality - the grain would disappear.

Here's a basic guide to it all - read onward from 'The Photographic Triangle'

Hope that helps


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