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Question for Jeff

I have your tutorial from LL by the way great and very informative. I have been using PK for about 2 years and have found a near perfect sharpening routine that works for my very narrow range of work as a pure formula. First the formula then the question.

I do landscapes with a 1DS-mk3 and high quality lenses, like the 24TSE and 35L and a Zeiss 50.

I presharpen using scanning back.

I then do my exposure curves etc and follow with a haze brush narrow edge at 20-30% I brush all but sky and water for the most part.

My creative sharpen is done by an action and is global. It consists of edge sharpen 1 fade to 33% flatten then High pass sharpen 1 fade 33%.

I upload full size to SmugMug and use their built in sharpener for downsized web. For print I use Qimage and its built in resizing and resharpening routines. I print as near to native size as possible.


I recently upgraded to Win7 CS5 and version 1.2.9 PK sharpener. Using the same formula as before, my images seem grittier. I have tried cutting back the haze brush but do not think that is the culprit. I have all sharpening turned off in ACR.

Has there been any changes in the sharpening strength of either PK or ACR?

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