How bad would I hate the new iMac? (MBP matte -> glossy)

Started Feb 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Call me silly, but I have given up on Matte.

Glossy also lets you see yourself in dark areas.
Glossy also lets you see glare from any light source around you.

Glossy forces you to relearn how to see by "looking past parts one and two above".

I'm envious of people who can use these new glassy devices because I could not get past my reflection/glare for the life of me. (and I owned a glassy iMac in 2007)

Steven Noyes wrote:

Personally, I don't know where the fear of Glossy has come from.

1) My Glossy has a wider Gamut.
2) My Glossy calibrates better.
3) My Glossy is more consistent under a wider range of lighting conditions.
4) My Glossy (MBP Screen) is easier to read outside.


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