Am I crazy? A u4/3 safari in Africa?

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Re: Am I crazy? A u4/3 safari in Africa?

Bobby Handal wrote:

Hello Safaridon !!

I am getting the out of focus from my own practice. I have posted this situation and so have others through this forums many times.

I have posted many photos of this situation. Don't get me wrong, I have great photos taken with the 45-200mm but a lot of photos have focusing issues as many others have also backed up my comments in older postings.

I am going to Spain and Portugal in a few weeks, guess what, I am not taking my D700, I am taking my m4/3rd system. If I was going to Africa, I would take my D700 and my 200-400mm Vr.

For me , a trip to africa is much more expensive and much more demanding. That is for me.

Best regards !!!

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I too have posted several times on the above topic in recent years and if I were in your shoes owning a D700 and the excellent 200-400 VR I too would take it for a African wildlife photoshoot. However I would much rather keep the overall size & weight of my camera gear down (hence the Kx and smaller tele lens) as much as possible as my shoulders have trouble with the some 20 lbs of photo equipment I pack for trips or worrying about it when not with me as security can be a problem and make you a target with all your gear. Having only a few lenses like the several 28-200/300mm inexpensive Tamrons I use, I don't have to change lenses and can readily switch from digital to flim and back to camcorder video without missing the scene. One complaint my zooms show too much distorsion so my elephants become gangly giants. No room to set up a tripod unless I wanted to be left for lion bait and rather not worry about the beating my gear is taking on safari if too valuable. I believe using smaller systems providing they are fast enough in AF & operating speed enables one get more pictures not missing the scene rather an fewer perhaps better exposed ones. I especially value the better high ISO performance in enabling use of higher shutter speeds and enabling better IQ from inexpensive zooms extending their usefulness in lower light. I have gone from doing everything manually with my SLRS to doing almost everything Auto or Shutter Preferred with DSLRs as the camera usually makes better decisions in a snap then I do and it is more important to capture the moment.

Again best regards,

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