Now feeling "guilt" D700 purchase!

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Now feeling "guilt" D700 purchase!

The D700 is a fantistic camera, but after about a month of shooting it I'm on a guilt trip for spending that much money for a "hobby" not a professional, not even a couple dollars earned from photography.

My motive was to get a full frame camera, and I loved the feel of the 700, and I felt the cost factor would pass? well its worse, I'm normally a frugal person, Chevy will do don't need a Mercedes, Wal-mart for closes, and always take the 50 cent tour not the two dollar.

No won't sell it, but I can't see buying another camera at any cost, nor any changes or improvements, this D700 will have to go the distance, I'm 64 yrs old now and if I can shoot for another 15 years, I'll still be using this D700.

Upon the purchase I wanted to get a top class lens, well no way! I bought two older out of production Nikon lenses in good condition, a 24 50, and 35 135, maybe not the latest and greatest but quite suffcient for my needs and way below the price of the Zeiss 35, and Nikon 24 70.

Now many will justify paying the price for themselves but not me its not the money, I'm not wealthy but comfortable and its just not in me to make "silly" purchases, I think its called "buyers remorse" I would say to anyone really think about the price and will a lessor price camera really do the job?

I still have my D90, and D200 they take wonderful pictures, and between them don't have as much as the 700 in cost.

Just my thoughts, not a condemnation of the D700, but Damn! it was too much money to spend-- just for a camera.


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