Taking your DSLR to Lapland - Will it work??

Started May 26, 2010 | Discussions thread
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GunnY_vds Regular Member • Posts: 153
Taking your DSLR to Lapland - Will it work??

Hi Guys and Girls,

a friend of mine is planning a dog sledding holiday in Lapland in the near future.

He's a enthusiastic photography amature and would like to take his Sony DSLR along for the ride.

Both of us see a couple of risks taking stuff like that in an environment below 0°C (typically -20°C), so I was wondering what is needed to keep your gear working in such conditions.

I'm sure there are people on this forum that have experience with this sort of trips, so what are your recommendations?

How to prevent condensation, and worse, freezing of that same condensation? (assume you take a break, go inside to have a drink, camera fogs up, you go back outside and everything freezes...

I'm guessing that the battery will be an issue as well, so how to solve? (couple of spare batteries close to the body?)

Thanks for any tips or equipment suggestions!

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