Any new models out soon? with larger zoom ? (the next models comming soon)

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Re: Kev, you've mixed up two lines of cameras

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

One of the problems with the premium quality FZ30 - 50 line was that the product life was seen as being only 12 months, - not much time to recover massive amount R&D costs. The fact that people are still using the FZ30- 50 after 5 years indicates Panny could easily have gone to a two year product life with a quality product (like the LX3) and increased their chance of recovering costs and making a tidy profit as well.

...exactly - that was the reason why I haven't upgraded to FZ50 - FZ30 was satisfying enough, and FZ50 was very well rounded and polished upgrade, but not that great change in general (and some things were slightly worse).

I think, with cameras that good, the technology advances are not fast enough to make a real, meaningful change every 12 months, as they would like it. Also, with that pace of development, some users pass on the next model, since they believe they can live for another 12mths with what they have (already very good), and pay for the next+1 model and get some significant benefits (and they got stuck for the 5 years, because there's no version next+1 ;))

Still, have it on the market for longer, like you said would be both sufficient to make a decent profit, and to win loyal customers as well... One simply don't buy a premium product every year, what for?

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