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Re: Don't shoot digital

graybalanced wrote:

Starting with a film camera may have been an ideal idea back when all digital cameras shot JPEG. Now I will agree that it would be better for a student to buy a cheap used digital SLR but keep it in manual mode. The great advantage of this is the short feedback loop. A student will learn much quicker if they can see the results of focus, aperture, and shutter speed right away, and a student would learn about exposure and color choices faster with digital than with film because the results would not be biased by auto-corrections and development quirks of the lab, or by having to both wait and pay for the results.

Darkroom photography should still be taught, but more for completeness of education than for fundamentals. What is important now is for a student to understand how exposure works in the context of a digital raw workflow.

I'm starting to think that the best way for a photography student should work with film is if they are also going to do their own film developing. That way they will understand the whole process. I don't think a student will learn as well as with digital manual if they shoot film and wait for the automated lab to over-correct their manual settings variations.

Also, I believe that scanning negatives is a horrible way for a new photo student to work. Scanning is in itself its own discipline, where you should know the proper setting of black point, white point, tone curve, etc. and adding it to a new student would simply complicate the mix. Stick to one or the other. Either do a full digital workflow with manual camera controls only, or do a full chemical workflow with b&w film you process and print yourself.

film is dead

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