Switching away

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Switching away

Ok, this is not the typical rhetorical post to bash Sony and all that. I simply want to share a few thoughts with the forum I'm sporadically involved in for a while now.

After a lot of thinking, and pondering, and rethinking I've decided to switch to Canon. Namely 5D mk II. There are different reasons for doing so, but a quick summary would be:

1) 24-105/f4 is the best choice in a walkaround lens right now in the market. I need a walkaround lens and I'm not seeing any for Sony (neither full frame nor aps-c).

2) Canon offers solutions that are the best compromise between quality and what I can spend. Examples:
– 70-200L/4 IS @ 1K€
– 16-35L/2.8 @ 1.2K€ or 17-40L/4 @ 700€

3) I need to use flash often lately. With Sony it's either painful or very expensive.

I've had my beautiful A700 for nearly two years now and I think it's an excellent camera. I've had a lot of fun taking 30K or so pictures with it and it produced great results (for what my skills are worth obviously!) I've tried considering upgrading to A900/850 only to realise I either had to spend an extra 4-5K€ on glass (and I'm talking about top notch finest glass there is – Sony's G lenses are great products) to be able to unleash the potential of full frame with Sony. I'm an amateur and I can't afford spending so much on a hobby. Especially considering that it does look Sony's about to revolutionise the mount by moving to a fully electronic standard (something understandable from both business and technical points of view).

So I ran some numbers, tried A900, 5D, D700, window shopped around quite a bit, pondered about how much I'm going to miss SSS and Sony's incredible ergonomics and made up my mind.

I suppose nothing is forever. I might change my mind again in a few years from now and switch back. Nobody knows. I'm not a fanboy nor am I religiously bound to this or other system or brand.

For now I'm moving on. I've already sold part of my gear and am selling the rest, hoping it's going to yield a lot of great photographs to whoever picks it for as long as technically possible. Cameras are made to be shot with (without hurting anyone)!

There's always going to be place in my heart for the system that has been the mothership for my photographic tools for almost a decade and for all the people in Sony Alpha (ex DSLR) forum that I'll keep on visiting. Especially for all the wonderful pictures being posted here.

To keep up with that, here's one from last year, that I particularly like for how the light transmits the mood – an end of the summer in the mountains. Given the summer has burst around these parts just a week or so ago, this could symbolise that every ending is a new beginning. Or whatever;))))

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