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And BTW, Whats up with Hawaiian Professionals

And just for the sake of it, Hawaiian Punch, I read a few of your old posts. Clearly Professionals from Hawaii are in a different class to normal human beings.


or for the ones who cant follow links:

"Man! I thought this was a 'Pro' forum! Professionals don't tip sub-contractors. They build their profit margin off overhead expense that includes subs. If the guy bid low, so what? That was his choice as a businessman.

So many of you part time amateurs come here, supposedly to learn from actual professional photographers, and then ignor solid business advice.

Earth to Newbies!!! If you got a fair quote from a subcontractor whose work you are comfortable with, take it. No need to tip him, give him flowers, kiss-up. Its a done deal. You just made more money."

Do yourself a favour / disfavour, and read on from there.

Your credibility has just been shattered hawaiian punch. You clearly have the same attitude towards us amateurs and newbies.

As I said before. Please please save me from being a professional, if this is what I will become.

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