Home built intervalometer for LX3

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Re: Home built intervalometer for LX3

Hi Heliodon,

Please send me a quotation on the Lumix LX3 with the complete Gent360 Servo (as shown in first images). Please e-mail to me at drzulmajid@gmail.com.


Dr Zul from Malaysia

Heliodon wrote:

Motivated by a desire to use my LX3 atop a 10-meter, handheld pole I developed a mechanical intervalometer that is mounted to the hot shoe.

My objective: have the LX3 shoot at 10-second intervals while mounted on the top of a 10-meter-long pole or suspended from a kite.

The LX3 lacks a wired or infrared remote capability so my approach was to add a "psuedo finger" moved by a model aircraft servo. The timing and servo management are handled by a Gent360 Servo ( http://www.gentles.ltd.uk/gent360/order.htm ), a tiny circuit that rotates the servo arm through a 45 degree swing every ten seconds. The circuit and servo are powered by a 4.8 VDC 2/3 AAA NiMH battery pack.

The servo arm in ready (left) and trigger (right) states.

The three components are fixed to a small strip of aluminum that is mounted to the LX3 hot shoe and held in place by friction. Total weight for the intervalometer with battery is 2-1/4 oz. (64 grams). Works the charm.

Here is what the view is like from the pole with Panasonic's 0.75x wide angle adapter mounted:

Shooting straight down the pole at the Lawrence Hall of Science's DNA Sculpture.

This is my first test of the Panasonic Lumix LX3 with its 0.75x wide angle adapter using the 10-meter-long carp pole. This combination yields the equivalent of an 18-mm lens and provides quite the illusion of height. I used Photoshop's Filter > Distort > Lens Correction to remove a bit of barrel distortion.

The camera, adapter lens, and my intervalometer have a combined weight of just over a pound (460 grams). The pole seems to handle reasonably well carrying this weight. When the pole is in a vertical position I can handle it with one hand as in this image where I am holding the pole by its end and raising it above my head.

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C. Benton

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