"Live Histogram" on E-PL1

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"Live Histogram" on E-PL1


maybe I'm missing something on the E-PL1, but I'm not sure I understand how
the live histogram works. This is what I'm doing:
1/ set E-PL1 to shutter speed priority mode

2/ indoors, with very poor lighting, I'd like to check with the live histogram how
underexposed my image is (if it is too much, I might want to bump the ISO).

3/ upon viewing the image, the final histogram is very different fromt the
live one, completely shifted to the left, and obviously image is just too
dark, and pulling the shadows would bring too much noise.

I was hoping the live histogram would give me a good idea of the final image.
Any help/pointers would be appreciated,


BTW, this is to shoot at some concerts/recitals, so I set the speed to avoid
subjects motion blur, and then usually the camera sets the maximum aperture.
I'm using center weighted, and usually ISO 800, though in a few cases I should
really have used ISO 1600, but was relying on the live histogram to give me this

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