"Spouse-friendly" EPL1 settings :)

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"Spouse-friendly" EPL1 settings :)

My wife is not as interested in exploring settings on cameras. Smarter than me in many ways, just not INTERESTED in learning about photography.

that said

I want her to feel comfortable using the EPL1 for pictures of the kids, so here is what I've done and explained to her. Perhaps it will help some of you setup your cameras such that you can easily hand to someone else and still get good shots.

Settings changed vs. defaults (see my other threads)...

  • Picture mode = iEnhance, with Contrast +1

  • Gradation = Auto

  • Aperture in A mode = F3.2

  • Shutter in S mode = 1/250

  • Programmable button set to spot meter

  • Movie mode set to A

  • Forced flash = on (i.e. if flash is up, use it)

How I explain it

P = use then kids are POSING (i.e. likely to use bigger aperture, smaller DOF)
A = use when kids are ACTIVE (i.e multiple kids, bigger DOF)
S = use when kids are doing SPORTS or running around

If she gets that far, then I explain to pop up flash for shots indoors at night, then press and hold the program button if strong light coming from behind the kids.

If anyone has any other spouse-friendly setting suggestions... please share !

take care.

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