Zoom Lens to replace 18-70 kit lens

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Re: Zoom Lens to replace 18-70 kit lens

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

If you buy the 18-250 then you will need to shoot RAW and use something like DxO to correct the aberrations & geometry, but sharpness is fantastic and after processing from RAW the pictures are stunning.

DxO will do the same thing with jpegs you shoot with the 18-250, it has a profile for the Sony version of that lens and works well on jpegs. So you do not have to shoot RAW to get high quality photography. Just learn to shoot all your settings correctly with jpeg. And you will be able to use modern features like DRO+ which is quite valuable and only for jpeg shooters.

If you have lots of time there is some expectation that the 18-270 may be out next year in SSM. Part of Sony's dropping shaft drive lenses. The 16-80 zeiss may be another that gets a new build with SSM. Hopefully they won't be SAM instead.

Even if later you should get the very expensive high end glass the 18-250 (or 18-270 when it comes out) will still have value as a one lens solution.


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