Sadly I returned the HS10 for Canon T2i

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Re: Sadly I returned the HS10 for Canon T2i

Couldn't agree with more on this one. And problem is also some HS10 enthusiasts who make the same claim. So it inevitably backfires for 2 types of people:

1. DSLR owners who are righteous about their gears
2. DSLR owners who are looking to quality bridge cameras as a casual alternative

I belong to group #2, and when I first got on this forum, I was excited. Here's camera that might come close to DSLR quality that my wife can use.

Sadly, when people overly defend a camera to a fanatical level, it makes a neutral person like me suspicious. And frankly I couldn't care less about brand - right now I have Sony, Canon, Olympus, and Samsung cameras. Son uses Sony that he takes to school everyday. Wife uses the Samsung. I use Olympus.

bushi wrote:


According to the frequency this sentence is posted here, maybe Fuji should consider changing the HS10's marketing slogan from "check before you buy dSLR" to "this is NOT an dSLR" - that would obviously be closer to reality, but hey, we knew it from the very beginning - but it is still much worse than we expected.*

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