Are you tempted by the new NEX3 / NEX5?

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Re: Are you tempted by the new NEX3 / NEX5?

love_them_all wrote:

I am ready to get one if:

  • a M mount adapter is possible

  • 10X zoom during MF

The 1.6x crop is way more attractive than the m4/3 2x crop for me.

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Rayqual is rumored to be soon coming out with adapter mounts from Emount to either Nikon, Canon, Pentax, or Leica.

For me the 2x crop used in m4/3 is much more attractive because of the smaller lens sizes possible especially on the telephoto end and using with fast legacy lenses from 50mm to 100mm size. M4/3 already has several small wa lens like the new very small 14mm/2.8 to be released by Pany.

I wish the NEX had been released with either a 18mm or 30mm prime as 16mm is too wide for all around use and too much distorsion and lower IQ on edges. With 3:2 format I have to crop 20% of my MP to get to 4/3 format size which is closer to common print size of 8x10 or 11x14. Small prints 4x6 are 3:2 format but then any P&S shoot can get good pictures that size.

The NEX series would be a lot more attractive to me if it had a more friendly user interface permitting quick changes for essential basic functions like changing ISO, speeds, etc. Perhaps will have to wait for NEX7 to get one with more useful controls to match its capabilities. Also Sony needs to product some additional small primes in the normal to portrait lens ASAP.

Otherwise the NEX5 magnesium very small body looks irresistable with its excellent tilting high resolution LCD screen, excellent IQ, fast 7 fps, and excellent high ISO and low light performance, and fast speed HDR, Twilight, and sweep Panarama modes and last but not least REASONABLE PRICE.

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