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Re: NEX-3 NEX-5 DISCUSSIONS posts ???? ->

Well why not? If fuji release a bridge camera with a 4/3rds-sized sensor, or if canon make a pen-sized dslr then why shouldn't people talk about it?

If some users are using cheap marketing ploys then why not just not respond to them. Don't rise to it. I reckon by now the number of posts moaning about the invasion of other brands must surely outnumber the posts about the 'foreign' cameras themselves - it's getting boring. The irony of fanning the flames by posting this is not lost on me either!

It's just a tool, and if someone makes a similar tool that suits my needs I'd like to hear more about it. Who cares if we have to ignore a few more threads than usual.

chuckielpn wrote:

In that case, we should also talk about bridge cameras such as the Fuji HS10 (and similar) since it's close cousin to m4/3, on the lower end (though HS10 owners swear that it's as good as many DSLRs).

And hey, why not talk about the Canon 550d and such, since it's also a close cousin to m4/3.

Heck, the price range of the m4/3 ranges from HS10 ($499) to Canon 550d ($899). So let's flood this forum with all those cameras that are in this range.

There's a fine line between lively discussion of different brands and a cheap marketing ploy of injecting one's brand into every possible discussion.

kerscaven wrote:

Well, yes, I think we should talk about other brands of camera, and other technologies - if it's relevant to our hobby/job/interest. If you go and have a look, you'll find people do.

There just seem to be a lot of people around here with a sort of deep-seated long-term buyer's remorse which makes them get very defensive about their chosen purchase. It's just a camera.

kodakoid wrote:

Hey wake up and smell the coffee. There are already TWO Sony forums on Dpreview. As it is, the NEX discussions there are few and not too active.

To follow your model of democracy, should we also talk about Nikon, Pentax, Leica, Canon, Medium and Large format film cameras, darkroom processing, and best CPU for Photoshop here in the m4/3 forum?

kerscaven wrote:

Oh grow up, and stop being so pedantic.

It's relevant to the evolution and pricing of the m43 system, so it's relevant to this forum too, especially since here we can compare with the features of our cameras. Maybe you should go and look for a more "purist" forum, or maybe you should start your own! Maybe call it MICROFOURTHIRDSONLYFORUM!!!!!11!!!!NOSONYZALLOWED

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