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Jack A. Zucker wrote:

There a few other improvements, but do they all add up to a $250
difference? What do you think? And if you think the 7Hi is worth
the extra $, then what new feature has the most value?

Not worth the money in my opinion. Additionally, the buffer-size
increase and ability to shoot more action frames / second is
negated by the focusing accuracy in my opinion.

On the contrary. It would be a big improvement. The AF isn't an issue when shooting sports or action because you'd be dumb to even try to use it for such a purpose in the first place. Only D-SLR's have the kind of AF performance needed for that. In such a situation you should be shooting in MF, and a fast frame rate and big buffer helps a lot for that, especially if you're focusing as you shoot. That's the way action shots were taken before there was any AF on cameras.

So, if you're a pro who makes his living shooting sports or action pictures, you absolutely need a D-SLR. If you're an amateur taking such pictures for your own pleasure, you can get by excellently using the tried-and-true MF techniques. Besides which, such techniques are fun to learn, and they improve your photographic technique in other situations too.

Another, and IMO more important use for buffered RAW is in studio shots. You do not want to have your model pause for 10--20 seconds between each frame; you want to shoot a lot of frames in rapid succession, and you want the maximum possible quality. Again, buffered RAW is a big benefit.


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