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I agree

I think DSLRs will be around for a long time to come.

And I am a huge M4/3 fan myself. But neither product can do "everything for everyone."

  • DSLRs are still too big and too heavy to be convenient carry cameras. Take the mirror box off an E3 and it's still a beast. Strip a DSLR down to the bare minimum and you get an E420 or a D3000. A nice camera indeed, but still not sufficient for many photo enthusiasts. And no matter how good EVFs get, some folks will always prefer a high quality OVF. This isn't something you can't discuss logically. It's preference not science.

  • M4/3 is a great product, but it just will never be a good choice for use with long telephoto lenses. This just won't be a good choice for birders and high speed sports shooters. Please note.... the longest Leica M lens made is 135mm, and Leica M cameras are considerably larger and heavier than M4/3 cameras are, so I don't think we will see any 400mm lenses for MILC cameras. Since the emphasis for M4/3 is small and light, we get cameras that lack tilt LCDs, viewfinders and even built in flash units. Small and light also means lighter materials used for bodies, and no weathersealing, or substantial hand grips.

Now.... someone could build a hybrid.... a DSLR without a mirror box, but what would be the point.... other than to prove it can be done? You end up with a big camera without a mirror. Big deal. I'd rather have a DSLR and save $1,000.

If Olympus decides to ignore 4/3 and simply go full speed ahead on M4/3 then they will be making a critical mistake. Because ALL of the deficiencies of a 4/3 sensor will be completely erased by improvements in sensor and processing engine technology, making 4/3 and APSC equivalent platforms for 99.9% of all users. BOTH platforms will exceed the needs of almost all users. In fact, technology might make FF obsolete too. In practical terms future users may have to go to medium format to get better results than crop sensored cameras in the future. And when that happens, even a Nikon D300s sized cameras will start looking compact when compared to a Leica S2 kit.
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