P&S vs Bridge vs dSLR

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Re: P&S vs Bridge vs dSLR vs etch-a-sketch

Mister T wrote:


... they are all absolutely lovely photos of a concrete path.

If printed they would all look about the same...

... i.e. I would throw them all in the bin as being not very interesting photographs.

Unless perhaps I was in the driveway construction industry, in which case I may call round and give you a quote.


I don't mind comparisons but they've been flogged to death lately ... and it just seems to get everyone's backs up. By the way a bridge is a P&S. Well actually a bridge is a construction for crossing a river, railway, road or similar...

But don't let me interrupt your really fascinating thread...

Brutal! But spot on.

Mister T ... Look at the picture not the pixels...

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